Viraj Jewels designs jewellery for the Western & Indian wardrobe. Scratch that. Your wardrobe. We've noticed how you love putting your look together. We've also noticed how jewellery is never part of that look. So we decided to change that. We have fashion stylists and jewellery designers working together to create fashion-inspired designs. 

Jewellery is a woman's best friend, and is the perfect way to play up or play down an outfit. However, in India today, most jewellery is treated as a purchase for weddings and special occasions. These lovely pieces spend most of their time in lockers. How often have you longed for light, contemporary jewellery that can work with your daily wear, for jewellery that you can wear for different occasions – from pool parties and office outings to daily work wear and school functions?

At Viraj Jewels, our global trend-spotters spot the styles that'll make the cut for today's fashion scene across global places like USA and UAE. Then, our international design team interprets these trends to create jewellery. These pieces make an appearance in our Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer collections.

Viraj Jewels launches new jewellery designs in line with the global fashion trends week on week.

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